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Inox goal is to continually research and develop energy saving products that meet the needs of the ever-changing industry and serve as cost-effective , environmental friendly and high-quality solutions to all our consumers. Our proactive approach to product development has led to many significant innovations.

Unique Energy Saving Circulation Cassette Fan

Energy Saving Circulation cassette Fan from Inox is a very fan which suits both residential and commercial enviroment. It will help improving indoor air quality & creating more healthy living space in your life.

Build in design

Unique feature eliminate flashing shadows usually caused by conventional ceiling mounted fan.
Mounted on the ceiling, it creates neat and spacious environment.

Energy saving

The energy saving fan blades are designed to return cool air into their holding vents and re-distributed, thus improving cool air circulation without reducing the temperature.

Improve airflow

14 inch fan blades with 360 degree rotor frame provide cool air circulation for comfortable indoor environment with high efficiency and low noise.

Quick and easy to install

It is easy to install on either light steel structure, false ceiling or concrete ceiling. it provides a high level of safety unlike exposed blades of ordinary ceiling fan.

Improve room temperature

It takes 50% lesser time than a stand alone air-con to cool indoor room. Effective in containing cool air and cover all angles.

We to design & develop awesome Circulation Cassette Fan

Inox Breakthrough innovation, quality products and superb after sales service, just so that you may enjoy a world class product experience. Inox keep pace with the growing needs by continuously launching new designs. Our R&D team never ever stop improve our products and quality, focusing even on the finest details so that our products is not only great in performance but also an beautifully decorative furnishing.


Its a low cost alternative to modern air-conditioning, that will save you up hundred of dollar on every years. Why not install as you can save your bill.

Energy Saving

Air movement from a ceiling cassette fan makes a room cooler by four degrees or more, further more it save the earth and environmental friendly compare to Air-con.

Hassle Free

Extreme easy to operate with no difficult for any elderly to handle & also very easy to install a ceiling cassette fan instantly with a 2×2 ceiling board in a office.

Space saving

Does not take up space on Floor like a standing fan and also not like convectional Ceiling fan that stick out in the ceiling. This Fan flush beautifully as a ceiling together.

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Blk 3015, #02-218 Ubi Road 1
Singapore 408704
Phone: 6749 1575
Fax:6749 8897
Website: http://inox.com.sg
Email: sales@inox.com.sg


Blk 3015, #02-218 Ubi Road 1
Singapore 408704
Phone: 6749 1575
Fax:6749 8897
Website: http://inox.com.sg
Email: sales@inox.com.sg